Gold is currently trading $1209.50 per oz Mar 2015
Why not take the old broken or unwanted gold you have at home and exchange it for spendable money. $$$ The process is so easy, and fast!

Step one decide what gold items you want to sell. Be sure that they are items your willing to part with.
Step two Have a prepaid special envelope sent to your home by filling out a sell gold request form. This special envelope allows you to mail your gold free of charge with insurance and tracking.
Step three Get a speedy check or an online payment for your gold.
Its fun, Its quick, Its easy, but most of all the checks are huge because of the current price of gold.
gold4cash is a website that explains the three easy steps that the major online gold buyers use to exchange gold for cash. We also provide a daily spot gold price which is for general knowledge only.
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